Magic happens when your people work for the same team!


It’s increasingly clear that individuals cannot succeed in a vacuum; the ability to collaborate and synergize others’ strengths is critical to succeed in today’s complex environment. At the same time, today's business requires flexibility and adaptability. Vixita's innovative offerings help you get the best out of individuals and small teams.

 360 degree Feedback

Our 360 degree feedback solution is powerful and simple.We offer both off-the-shelf as well as customized 360 degree solutions.Our methodology ensures that each question is rigorously evaluated.We ensure that the outcomes are actionable and clear.Our individual and group reports provide clear and accurate feedback in easy to read formats.Our interventions typically don’t end with handing over the report. We spend time with the recipient of the report to help them gain further insights out of the feedback.We also create action steps or Individual Development Plans based on 360 degree feedback

Assessment and Development Centers

Very few methods provide as much  in-depth insights into your top talent as Assessment or Development Centers (ADCs).Our vast experience, coupled with innovations to save time and effort, make it possible to deploy ADCs effectively.Using a careful mix of online and offline tools, we bring rigor to a process without taking away the expertise – A win-win for the organization and for the people being assessed.